Hasta, 100 docked hub modules

After Siakap rocket back in service, 20 launches of SiakapX4 were made to deliver another 80 hubs to Hasta assembly station. SiakapX4 is capable of delivering 4 hubs per launch. Hasta today has 100 docked modules which makes the stack 36 units long or equivalent to 6 times of the LUN's diameter. Hasta is a mission by Space Habitat department (SHAX) at Angkasa-X to improve station design relative to the scale of planets and the universe.

The first assembled part of Gerhana, 59 units from HOM and a triple payload transported by SiakapX3 has arrived nearby.

Besides that, SHAX has announced that it has began the construction of a new station called Gerhana by making a SiakapX3 launch and nine Punai 9 launches to the assembly area. There are not so many information of the new station as it has already gained enough investor's interest to fund the construction. It is also the closest non-orbital assembly in Angkasa-X's history at 59 units away from HOM towards the ADS.

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