Hasta Mission Patch

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The first 20 hubs for Hasta mission

Hasta is a mission by Space Habitat Angkasa-X (SHAX) to study the approximate dimension of Station Hub. The study is conducted by creating a long stack of docked hubs. The coordinate of each hub at both end of the hub stack are retrieved from each station builder's X-coordinate. Both coordinate are substracted to measure the distance, same method to measure planet's physical in Kaliper mission but  without the hubs. The more hubs are docked, the more accurate the result.

Recently, SHAX has published a result after docking 20 hubs. The distance from the first hub to the other hub at the end of the hub stack is 7 units long, which suggests that there are 2.86 hubs for every NaviComp units or 0.38 unit for the width of each hub. It also means that a stack of 17 docked hubs is equivalent to the diameter of the LUN, or a stack of 51.5 hubs is equivalent to the diameter of the circle-of-influence (COI) of the LUN. The diameter of LUN and the COI are retrieved from the Kaliper mission by Angkasa-X Intertplanetary Lab (AXIL).

With the current result, space architects and designers at SHAX can predict the scale of the designated space station concepts, especially for the currently on going Purnama station.

The study is still on going to improve the result with a target to dock a total of 300 hubs. Previously, the 20 docked hubs were transported by Punai 9 and PunaiX2 rocket which are capable of transporting 1 and 2 hubs per launch. With the recently back-in-service Siakap rocket, 4 hubs can be transported to orbit in a single launch and hence will speed up Hasta mission and studies.

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