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Channel1 AX News

AX News - Included in the scenes are space news & documentary.

OneSpace - AX will launch SIS-8, the 11th satt launch in OneSpace alliance.

Purnama - this project is not dead. Like Kaliper, it is a continuous.

p/s this GIF is 47sec long, max size to upload 10mb, this GIF size reduced to half to be able to upload here, rip quality.

Channel2 Live Cast Live Launch Cast.
Channel3 Kaliper Kaliper Probe - live cams are not main purpose so it was not maintained. All cams intruments onboard are actually in good condition.
Channel4 Kaliper II Kaliper II, same case with the first Kaliper.
Channel5 Sarap C Sarap C - launched to monitor space debris. The downlink is rumored to be related to collisions of debris with Sarap C.
Channel6 LIMAS-1 LIMAS-1 Live Observatory - Live cast of the HOM world from space.
Channel7 S.Angkasa Seri Angkasa - this low orbit station regularly visited by spacecraft. Channel 7 usually casts activities in the common module of Seri Angkasa and docking spacecrafts.
Channel8 Ayam Stn. Ayam station - the first station by AX and retired last year. It is falling to HOM. All available input from the station is live-casted in this channel.
Channel9 Kulat Stn. Kulat Station – Everything is good but not beneficial to do a live cast. Any special event from Kulat may use this channel.
Channel10 No input available. Channels are actually oversupplied. The real cast is only on Channel 1,2,6,7 and 8.