AX-Gravity: The Strive to HOM

Plot: You were in a panic moment with your team during a satellite deployment work from a space shuttle mission. You are now alone and just made to the ISS to get to a capsule for re-entry. However, all capsule has departed to HOM which makes you feel like giving up your life. 

The timer strapped in your arm tells you that the orbiting space debris will intercept your location again in 6 seconds. Your instinct trigered self-preservation mechanism to keep yourself alive and reminded you that Chinese Station is nearby with a possiblity of available crew capsule docked to the staiton for you to re-entry.

Before the Chinese Station fall and burned up in the atmosphere, find your way to the Chinese Station from ISS, get into the capsule and depart for re-entry!


Mission Objectives, must be in order:

  1. Undock the ATV from ISS
  2. Dock the same ATV to the Chinese Station
  3. Undock the LOK Crew Capsule
  4. Proceed to re-entry

Warning: Be quick as there are space debris coming to the ISS while the Chinese Station is falling to HOM.

Start mission:

1. Get the sandbox from me by email. Sandbox name is "AXGravity" Or get it here:

2. In the "AX-Gravity" sandbox, tap Vehicle and then look for "Orbiting HOM, 15 module structure". You are now in ISS and mission has started!

Reload the sandbox to retry. The mission has been tested and I succeeded more than 10 times. Enjoy the explosion booms and Good Luck!

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