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Angkasa-X has spent $122M on an experimental Moon Base project which was successful but returned a negative result. The project involves two launch of $24.9M Proton set up for Lunar Modules, a $28.675M Punai9+ for Station Builder and five $8.8M Punai9+ for the corridors. Punai is a light rocket series developed by Angkasa-X for light weight payloads. Angkasa-X decided to reuse the remaining corridors and station builder to reduce the expenses up to 50%. 

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The first trial was to land a Lunar Module docked with a corridor but ended up with an explosion, conlcudes that the lander cannot land with anything docked to it.

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 Second trial was to dock a landed module with 4 corridor assembled in orbit creating a space-elevator like structure. The long 4 corridors were failed to dock and the team decided to dock the Station Builder itself to the landed module.

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 The landed module's docking port seemed to be locked during landed when it refused to dock with the Station Builder twice. The Station Builder only hit the docking port of the landed Lunar Module and caused the Navicom to shut off.

Despite the negative result, Angkasa-X is now working on a multibillion dollar alternative project on the moon.

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