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Angkasa-X Angkasa-X 31 August 2018

AX Live Channels

Channel1 AX News

AX News - Included in the scenes are space news & documentary.

OneSpace - AX will launch SIS-8, the 11th satt launch in OneSpace alliance.

Purnama - this project is not dead. Like Kaliper, it is a continuous.

p/s this GIF is 47sec long, max size to upload 10mb, this GIF size reduced to half to be able to upload here, rip quality.

Channel2 Live Cast
Live Launch Cast.
Channel3 Kaliper
Kaliper Probe - live cams are not main purpose so it was not maintained. All cams intruments onboard are actually in good condition.
Channel4 Kaliper II
Kaliper II, same case with the first Kaliper.
Channel5 Sarap C
Sarap C - launched to monitor space debris. The downlink is rumored to be related to collisions of debris with Sarap C.
Channel6 LIMAS-1
LIMAS-1 Liv…

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Angkasa-X Angkasa-X 28 July 2018

Angkasa Peace Award (APA)

Angkasa Peace Award (APA) is an award to promote awareness of peace and humanity in space. 'Angkasa' is a Malay word means 'Space', which translates APA as 'Space Peace Award'. This is the first APA assessment and it assesses all blogposts created by every qualified agency.

  • 1 Assessment
  • 2 ​​​​​Results
    • 2.1 APA Certified Agencies
    • 2.2 APA Silver Award
    • 2.3 APA Platinum Award
    • 2.4 APA Uranium Award
  • 3 Congratulations!
  • 4 Trivia

APA assessment are as follows:

  • Only agencies listed in User Space Agency page as of 28th July 2018 are qualifed for APA certification.
  • Assessment is point based
  • Each words in blogpost titles carries points for certification

Every Words

Neutral words carries 1 point

Humanity Words

Research, Community, Explore, Join, Memor…

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Angkasa-X Angkasa-X 27 July 2018

Live Imaging Satellite (LIMAS)

Live Imaging Satellite (LIMAS) is an orbital observatory satellite developed by Angkasa-X Interplanetary Lab (AXIL). LIMAS provides live planet observation for various purpose including meteorologial, scientific & commercial use.

The first planet to have LIMAS will be HOM followed by LUN and RED.

Limas is a medium weighed satellite and will be launched on top of AX's Punai rocket and encapsulated in Fairing Long.


  • Design is inspired by WorldView-2 observation satellite.
  • The concept image of LIMAS is a superimposed part of Communications Satellite, Space Telescope, Explosive Module's RCS, LOK Service Module's left solar array & Large Comms Satellite.
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Angkasa-X Angkasa-X 13 July 2018

Ciku-2HM Station Design - Seri Angkasa Orbital Hotel

This station design name is Ciku-2HM. The first station to use Ciku-2HM design is Seri Angkasa Orbital Hotel owned and managed by SHAX. It is built to gain investor's interest in Ciku-2HM station design.

Ciku-2HM is designed with two Habitation Module for 4 crew each, which compliments the amount of the shapeship docking hub.

The purpose of having a typical design and launching schedule is to mass produce the station parts and standardisation of the station management which makes the overall cost cheaper, efficient to produce and easier to maintain.

As of today, many private companies have showed strong interest to own a space station and considering Ciku-2HM design, mostly for industrial prupose as there are alot of unique products can only …

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Angkasa-X Angkasa-X 31 December 2017

Video: Angkasa-X Year 2017 In Review

2017 was a wonderful year. Wishing you all a great year ahead!

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