Galaxy X would like to announce that we launched and have successfully completed the second man mission to Mars (Red Planet) We will soon send a Pod and then a second sesometer, we will then place a tiny space Station call sign Mars 1. The LK lander is currently docked at SLX station, We will soon send a capsule and bring them home. We were asked a question today when will we land on JOR, It honestly depends on the Updates. If the shuttle is landable on non atmospheric planets and which i highly doubt it will be then very soon. But our guess is November-December or so. We just Landed and recovered a LK. In Order to Land on JOR we would need to build a rocket that can reach it without low feul levels, we first need to send a satellite and a sesometer up there. Be a long time

Note: Andy Barry will release his Updates any Day now, given a recent Twitter post 5 days ago the updates could be here within a few weeks. Make sure you have your sandbox ready. Im excited about the updates and im looking forward to them

Updates on Mars soon

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