Im annoucing today that Galaxy-Issac are post poning the JOR mission 4. We have had two casualties recently in space and that hasnt happened since the failed landing of Blue in 2015.

A nuclear explosion took place yesterday and between the planets of Green and Mars their is a radioactive fallout estimated around 2500 square units, it is unsafe to send a manned mission to JOR. We are putting a hault to that mission until after the updates of Noolues. We would like to ask another mission, we need to get rid of the radioactive fallout in Greens Atmosphere and the atmosphere of Mars and Yellow. This is a emergency mission. We have called evacuation of SLX and Mars1, all astronauts will proceed directly back to earth immediately. Im instructing Mars1 to head to the moons orbit asap. This is a serious situation and we must take action. I will breif world space agencys on any updates.

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