Good Evening World Leaders

Today i made a difficult Choice, A few weeks ago we announced that we were able to launch a ICBM equiped with a nuclear explosive device that good qoute "destroy any abandandon or out of control space station" today we did just that. A Russian Space Station (Roleplay that MSS is a Russian Station) called MSS, the C02 levels were to high to fix, we tried to attach a oxegyn garden to the station but it somehow malfunction. The Generators and the Science labs had high amounts of CO2 in its chambers, We estimated a core breach of the Station would fail and begin to have a mind of its own. We had the feeling that if the core broke of it would spin out of control and possibly crash into Earth or SLX, we have 500 Astronauts aboard SLX at this time, so The Russian President gave us the go ahead to send a weapon into space, first we took a few pictures analyzed its data, then we had to blow it up. Based on the data we reasearched it would have crashed into something Killing lives. This is not a act of war this is a act of safety. We will give the go ahead to the Russian Space Organazation (RSO) to build a new station. Our two stations will help get us to JOR faster. Thank you

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