My Fellow Space Agencys im sorry for my absense, Galaxy X has been busy on Building and constructing Area 27. We have made great progress since October 2nd when we were last active. We are building the spine which is a part of the station that will provide parking for several manned space craft. After that we are pretty sure Area 27 will be complete and on another note we had a accident on October 7th where one of the pressure system in one of the cargo holds combusted. No one was injured or hurt and it has been replaced, when the update comes for SA we will take a few days off fo r game time but we will be on again. I think we can be done buy October 30 or 31st it will be one of those two days i will announce the realese date for Area 27.

Im exicted for the Update, sorry i havent been active i have been very busy constriction of this Station

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