Just finished the compact station Glad mini 525 section station with lots of possibilities.’s a bit of a tank at current size but does it’s purpose....was hoping to add a 2nd shuttle but guess they went to an other quadrent...possibilities to connect to other mini stations in a snap....Glad Sta is much bigger than it appears. far as size go it has holographic replicators which make actual non-organic matter...into matter..& vaporize objects with percise accuracy.. without explosions &/or effect to connected a pin to a station...or just a station component.

Lk’s have been implemented with white solar panels as one piece wrapped on the exterior to provide battery charging and are a big part of the Glad space well as the usual go to for disconnecting and reconnecting things to the Sta.

Every component is also able to disconnect with the Glad arm (not pictured secret) without’s old tech we still use even with replicators.

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