Completed on September 15, SS Apex is the flagship of the 3AP agency. It is armed with 10 nuclear missiles, includes 50 ion drives, and can reach top speed within 25 seconds. The ship is en route to a certain planet to secure the perimeter before establishing a full base on said planet. The ship includes multi-spectrum telescopes and antennas, escort fighters, and a fully functional on-board prison to hold criminals.  The ship is currently at DEFCON 3

Defcon 1 All missiles are armed and fighters are in attack formation, missiles awaiting launch order
Defcon 2 All missiles are armed and defensive fighters are ready for launch
Defcon 3 Ship is online and personal are on board but missiles are offline
Defcon 4 Ship is online in autonomous mode, searching for any possible threats
Defcon 5 Ship is offline and no personal are onboard
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