Reports of the Scrapping and Construction of Space Stations and Designs


note: dates are unofficial


February 27, 2018

A new innovative space station that will have a technology that will cause revolution to space exploration will be built on the next month.

Its name will be the Queen Planetary Station, and will have fortnightly resupply missions for the on-board astronauts to be able to breath fresh air and survive. It also will produce a lot of power that can spread to the whole station with powerful solar panels.

It will also be divided between four zones: The Galaxy Research Zone, the Power Zone, the Lab Zone, and the Defense and Observation Zone.

R2: FotCotQPS-R

March 23, 2018

The construction of the new innovative space station known as the Queen Planetary Station has been finished. It will now have fortnightly resupply missions, bring good breathing quality to astronauts, and even more.

The technnology is also new and very helpful. The powerful solar panels power the station, and the two large fuel tanks help on the refuelling of spacecraft that dock with the station.

R3: AotSotQPS-R

March 21, 2019

The investment for the systems of the Queen Planetary Station, mainly for the Galaxy Research Zone, has ended, on March 6, due to lack of funding resulting in the impossibility of resupply missions for the QPS.

On March 20, all astronauts on the station shall leave the station as the Oxygen Gardens are running out of water, and on the next day, the station should be dismantled and its remaining parts should be used on the building of other stations and spacecraft.

R4: AftCotASV-R

April 15, 2019

There will be a new innovative exploration station capable of exploring the depths of the Solar System and some interesting bodies. The project has a name, the Altas SV, and it will begin construction on April 17, and its estimated completion will be at April 26.


June 30, 2019

The Atlas SV, a completely innovative space vessel, cannot continue construction, as due to budget problems for the project, as the parts that are gonna be added has gone to the point that the manufacturing of them begone too expensive for the building of the station to continue.

Construction was stopped on April 19, and, at July 8, the remaining parts of the station shall be scrapped and its parts be used to build another innovative vessel, the Endeavour SV, which will be much different than the Atlas SV.

R6: CotESV-R

July 10, 2019

The new innovative exploration station known as the Endeavour SV has its construction finished. It will serve for what the Atlas SV was going to be used for; to explore the Solar System and study the planets on the system.

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