The Kaizer Space Station (KSS) is a concept blueprint for a 887-module multipurpose space station by 2020dragons.

Original blueprint

Named after user KaiserRedGamer, if ever built, it would be one of the largest <1000-module space stations built in the game.


This station is composed of:


The station serves both as a habitationrecharging, and refueling space station. It has good qualities to live for a space station, such as a stable environment and good items for spacewalks. Its several sources of energy generate in total 12.6 MW of power, or 12665 kW, and has good amounts of fuel used for refueling spacecraft.

The station also has a total of 971 cargo slots, which is pretty good for organizing well the items necessary on the modules, such as water tanks to fuel the oxygen gardens, and oxygen tanks and CO2 scrubbers to increase oxygen capacity on the station.

The Soyuz spacecraft, Apollo CSMs, space shuttles and stand-alone labs are escape pods in case the station gets destroyed in any sort of way. The laboratories and shuttles also are made to rescue scientific experiments once done on the station.

The radiators on the fuel region are to prevent intense heat from overheating the tanks and causing them to explode (if this is even possible), and the antennae and survey satellites are to send (or even receive) signals to/from space and other experiments regaring telecommunications with HOM and planet bases.

The region which connects the outer core of the station with the "sunscreen zone" (the zone with the escape pods and solar panels) is known as the "Rescuexagon", and are small space hospitals to treat injuries on the astronauts and/or diseases contracted by them, and these little hospitals have excellent solutions for these problems.

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