The Atmospheric and Astronomical Agency of Paradisum, or 3AP, was founded in August, 2017, under the leadership of Starboy101. It is a civil/military agency.

Space Stations


3APhas announced plans to construct the newest addition to the agency's fleet: Apophis

When built, Apophis is estimated to be at least as fast as Nova, reaching top speed within 25 seconds. Now in final development, Apophis carries several more nuclear warheads than any ship before it, high speed and maneuverability, asteroid and missile radar, radio and multi-wavelength telescope sensors, and the newest innovation of 3AP, Gemini missiles, designed to give twice the destructive power of conventional missiles. Once completed, Apophis will stand guard over (SIGNAL LOST), the base planet of 3AP, which will also be heavily protected. As with all of the other ships built by 3P, Apophis will also have a great scientific role. Using its high speed, it will be used to explore the outer planets, learning much more about these mysterious worlds. It will also embark on a survey of the areas of space many thousands on units away, much farther beyond the solar system, and even search for a rumored hidden planet. Apophis is planned to be completed by June 15.   


 Nova is the largest warship built by 3AP It has broken a few agency records already, with fastest build time (three days), it is the first ship which only uses ion drives for primary propulsion, and it is the fastest ship ever built by the agency, at a time from static to top speed in 20 seconds. The ship is armed with nuclear weapons, has a crew of _____ and is able to be habitable for long wars. The ship also is completely nuclear powered. The ship is the first to use an experimental weapon called Vampire, which is classified Top Secret beyond its name. On December 31, 2018, the crew of Nova left the ship and it was destroyed using the Contained Ship-wide Explosion system (CSE System), ending its mission.        


Draco was another warship build by 3AP. It was built as a twin to Orion. It was active until July 10, 2018 when an out of control station module caused an explosion, killing everyone on board. A failure in the module door locks caused the Orion Eacape Modules to not release from the exploding ship. Therefore the entire ship, including both escape modules, exploded. A memorial satellite called Spirit, containing pictures of all the crew members on board was launched into orbit two days later, and is still active today.    


Orion was first created in August, built to protect the 3AP from a then current nuclear war. It was then left for a while, then built up in November, 2017. It has crew, weapons, and instruments. All information on them however, is classified Top Secret. Orion has passed the last test, the Evacuation test, making sure all crew can exit the ship in case of emergency. On January 1, 2018, Orion was struck with a nuclear missile from an unknown enemy agency and destroyed. Luckily, all crew were evacuated in time and no one died. From evidence gathered in the explosion investigation, the agency figured out which agency attacked the ship, and in retaliation the 3AP sent three nuclear warheads, which struck their comms satellite, spy satellite and one of their warships. The missiles destroyed the targets flawlessly, and the enemy agency has since been destroyed. 

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