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What is Piramid-Corp?

Pyramid-Corp is a government organization which objective is to maintain the world order through espionage and high-end equipment for observation.


Our main resource is the AMS (Autonomous Monitoring Station).We can't show a photo of the AMS for security measurements, but we can tell you that is equiped with a long range satelite dish for detecting radiowaves in the vaccum of space, this allowing us to detect different types of vehicles in an estimated range of 2.300 navicomp units.It's real range can't be told to the public...

Projects And Updates


An expantion project for the AMS is currently being held at the moment. Proyect codename: Big-Eye



As we keep expanding the AMS, we took a photo of it and decided to show it to the public as long as the coords are still unknown.

[NOTE:The quality of the photo has been reduced by 10% because of the high power equipment surrounding the camera]


Project Electric Shock has been finished, here are the results:

The agency has developed a new tool, the Mk-2 Railgun, a powerful weapon for destroying satellites and other orbiting objects that are a threat to the humanity.

But is not that simple, the Railgun needs an enourmous amount of power to be used.

And for that we created the Mk-1 Super condenser. This Part will store energy for a prolonged amount of time and discharge all the stored electricity with the press of a button, running it through the railgun's coils and propulsing a projectile up to 7.000 navicomp units per second.

The estimated time for a full charge is about 1-2 hours.

Pictures are Below:

Blueprints for the Mk-2 Electromagnetic railgun

The blueprints for the Mk-1 Super condenser

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