United Colonies

The United Colonies, is a galactic space exploration organisation tasked to explore, research and colonize deep space for Humanity. United Colonies was formed with Earth's leading scientists, resources and knowledge to create one leading agency. It is a ministerial branch of the United Nations Earth Government. 

The U.C. has formed colonies of millions of people on the Moon and Mars since it's founding. 


The U.C was founded on the 8 July 2018 after the U.N. Article 99 was signed by the governments of the world. This article gave the U.N. extraordinary powers and influence that eventually resulted in the U.N. to become the government for the entire Human race.

The U.C. sent it first cargo into space on 18 March 2019 into low Earth orbit at 18:34 PM ( EDT).

On 12, March 2026, the U.C. launched a manned mission to Mars making history. Following the success of the mission to Mars, the U.N. increased the U.C.'s annual budget to allow for more missions to Mars and beyond.

By 2038, the U.C. started operating asteroid mining facilities in the Asteroid Belt. The materials mined helped supply materials to build and colonize other planets.

By the late 2050s, a permanent colony was formed on Mars with a population of 3 million humans and on the Moon with a population of 2.5 million. Plans to colonize Venus was drafted but the U.C. decided to focus its resources on colonizing other planets beyond the Solar System.

The U.C. celebrates 50 years of service at the U.C headquarters on Planet Earth.

On 8th July 2068, the U.C. celebrated 50 years of service to the United Nations Earth Government. It was also the year that a colony was formed above the clouds of Venus.

The Horizon, the first ever interstellar spacecraft fitted with a prototype wrap drive.

By 2078, the U.C. began testing of an interstellar spacecraft, The Horizon, using a prototype warp drive. The test flight was a sucess and paved the way for the U.C. to begin colonising other solar systems.

On 2082, the U.C. launched it's first ever manned mission to Tratius, a exoplanet located on the Heallo Centauri system, discovering a vast land of vegetation, oceans, a breathable atmosphere and gravity similar to that of Earth.

It was finally announced on October 22 2091 that the U.C. had made contact with a extraterrestrial civilisation, the Warsari they were called. The United Nations and the Warsari Kindgom remains strong allies to this very day.

Offices & Embassies

The U.C. operates a number of offices and embassies across the Solar System and the Universe.

Offical Name Operation Type Esimated Staff Location Planet
United Colonies Headqaurters 2020-Today Headquarters, Office Mission Control 1, 2,500 Kennedy Space Center, Florida Earth
United Colonies Asia Mission 2021-Today Embassy, Office, Mission Control 2 1,250 Hong Kong Earth
United Colonies Europe Mission 2023-Today Embassy, Office 670 Paris Earth
United Colonies Mars Mission 2041-Today Embassy, Office, Mission Control 3 1,200 Belverde Industrial, Colony 1 Mars
United Colonies asteroid Mining Facility 2042-Today Office, Mission Control 4 800 Stratius Station, Asteriod Belt N/A
United Colonies Venus Mission 2068-Today Embassy, Office, Mission Control 5 670 Kepla, Colony 1 Venus
United Colonies Kilon Mission 2092-Today Embassy, Office, Mission Control 6 200 Kilon, Warsai Kingdom Kilon

Annual Budget

The U.C.'s main source of funding comes from the U.N. Earth Government; this funding is increased by 4% every year. The U.C. also receives funding from it's tourism industry operating flights to the Moon, Mars and Venus.

The esimated budget for 2082 was 62 trillion Earth Dollars (57 trillion US Dollars).

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