Welcome To Ausdauer Space Exploration

This Agency was built and developed to better understand the unknowns of space and time. Our universe wasn't made for us to explore what is out there, but to better understand ourselves in time.

Our Staff and crew are dedicated to their life's work in this Agency. ANd they continue to show how much this job means to them through hardwork, and determination to reach far into the future, to where mankind will exist elsewhere.

We are Explorers. We are Pioneers. We are Scientists. We are Earth's Ausdauers.


Project Luna:

This project consists a crew of 4 to conduct a lunar landing and plant a drill station on the surface to further understand this beautiful, but mysterious planet, on the moon. If the mission is executed perfectly and on time, we could have a better understanding, and further study and expectations on what we could find on other moons in, or outside of our solar system.

The crew will board on Ranger 1A capsule with a payload of a portable drill station and a specialized seismometer following behind.

Hot Celebrity:

This mission will have a Probe on course to the Sun for further study of how stars are created and destroyed. This probe has been specialized with a camera that can record and send heat signatures off of the Sun's surface.

Space Stations

ASC (Ausdauer Space Center):

The station is a research lab stationed near our home planet. The station has a habitation center to support life on the station that could last up to 3 years. Therefore, it gets resupplied every 6 months. The station powers up to 2609 units of power. Incase if any electrical malfunction happens on the ship, it would use it's emergency generator to repower the station for a month. The station switches operators every 1-2 years, along with research files and experiments that has been executed on the station.

It also serves as a refueling station for other probes and spacecraft for future long missions. It also consists 8 docking ports around the station: 4 Airlock docking ports for manned spacecraft, 4 Cargo docking ports for probes and/or unmanned spacecraft. The crew on board the ASC are hardworking and dedicated to their jobs, and for the sake of their curiosity.

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