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DRG is a User Space Agency founded by the Kaiser, Jules I of Dorfplatz, and co-founded by Graf Albrecht von Zeppelin, Richthofen, Industria, und Braun.

Our goal is to explore and unlock the secrets of the cosmos, or Raum, as we call it, and use them to our advantage.

Early on, our Kaiser has admired the success of NASA, Roscosmos, the German Space Agency, the Malaysian Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, and many more.

So, he and a fellow astrophysics professor, Graf Albrecht, established the Dorfplatz Space Agency. Our major steel corporation made a conglomerate and now, we are in union with DHI (Dorfplatz Heavy Industries).

After that, we were just launching atmospheric probes and Van Allen belt survey satellites. But, DHI commissioned our first pad and rocket. Now, we are more than ever, launching probes into interstellar space!



  • SAL - Strahlantrieb Laboratorie (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • DAMD - Dorfplatzische Atmosphaerische und Meteorologische Dienste (Astronomical and Meteorological Services)
  • DRFTHQ - Dorfplatzische Raumfunk Telemetrie Hauptquartiere (Space Telemetry Headquarters)
  • FML/FAL - Flugzeug Mitfahrgelegenheit Laboratorie / Flugzeug Auftrieb Laboratorie (Aircraft Lift Laboratory)
  • WBRGIA - Wernerin von Braun-Richthofen (A renowned female professor of space science) Gedenkinstituet für Astrophysik (Warnerine of Brown-Richthofen Memorial Institute of Astrophysics)


Custom Shuttle: Fliegerarm

Custom Probe: Pioneer-X

Fact: DSA or DRG is just 1 of (around) 12 (and counting!) government/country-run Space Agencies on the wiki. Others include: The Romulan republic, the Endarian space command, and the Federation Space Command.

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