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The ISAAC Organization

... cum Unitas Universi ~ ... with Unity comes the Universe

About I.S.A.A.C.

The ISAAC Organization is a multi-agency civilian organization which is dedicated to the peaceful exploration and use of outer space. Each member agency has secured the cooperation of its own governmental space agency; and many have also obtained financial support from local corporate entities and private civilian agencies to further the charter goals of the organization as a whole.

Member agencies pledge to further the ISAAC growth curricula and dedicate a significant (yet reasonable and sustainable) amount of assistance to ISAAC, to advance its specific in-progress projects. Assistance need not necessarily be in the form of financial backing, but often includes:

  • performance of manfucaturing tasks,
  • testing of vehicles, equipment, or materials,
  • the training and educational advancement of inter-departmental agency staff,
  • and the acceptance of other sub-contractual duties.

Member agencies are free to pursue their own independent space exploration goals, but these pursuits must uphold and adhere to basic ISAAC operational guidelines. They may also draw from ISAAC core financial and equipment resources with prior approval of the corporate regulatory committee.

ISAAC stands for the International Space Association Agreement Co-operative; and received its name in commemoration of Sir Isaac Newton, world renowned scientist of the past.

ISAAC upholds the concept that numerous scientists and explorers of the past should be recognized for their advancement of science and knowledge through their peaceful studies. They have bettered our planet, and have given indescribable benefit to the human condition as a whole. ISAAC seeks to name spacecraft, space stations, science platforms, and other equipment after as many persons of science as possible.

Launch Pad 48A

  • Launch Pad 48A

Launch Pad 48A

ISAAC Organization's latest endeavor: Launch pad 48A.

Launch Pad 48A is newly constructed, and is a heavily upgraded design of NASA's launch pad 39A. It was specifically built for shuttle launches.

New features incorporated by ISAAC engineers include:

  • A wider overall launch pad to accommodate larger vehicles such as the shuttle.
  • A higher launch surface to allow improved venting of heat and smoke through upgraded flame trenches.
  • Four channel flame trenches, instead of the customary two.
  • A wider and more stable launch tower.
  • Dual interconnected water-based sound-suppression systems, instead of just one single initiation suppressor).

ISAAC Facilities and Installations

~Headquarters and Support Sites

Site Designation Location
ISAAC Space Operations Head Quarters Nashville, TN
ISAAC Space Communications Complex Memphis, TN
ISAAC Communications Routing Station Aliquippa, PA
ISAAC Deep Space Communications Complex Paris, MO

~U.S. Based Launch Facilities

Launch Facility Location Pad & Payload Size
Xuyá Facility, "Golden Eagle" Valley Falls, KS 47A (Heavy)
Adlartok Facility, "Clear Sky" Sitka, Baranof Island, AK 42A (Medium)
Burrogone Facility, "Lost Ass" Pahrump, NV 29A (Small)
Tanasi Facility, "Meeting Place" Oak Ridge, TN LP1
mobile sea platform under construction pending

~U.S. Based Tracking Stations

Tracking Facility Location
Denver Tracking Station Denver, CO
Juneau Tracking Station Juneau, AK
ToC Tracking Station Truth or Consequences, NV
Fort Campbell Tracking Station Fort Campbell, KY

ISAAC Shuttle Initiative

ISAAC Space Stations

Space Vessels and Mobile Stations

ISAAC Stations Map


ISAAC Stations Status

Station Designation Days at Operational Status
(SCP) Space Communications Platform
(DMM) Space Station Dream-Maker
(XRY) eXtraterrestrial Research Yard
(SSD) Shuttle Space Dock
(SFT) Space Flight Trainer
(SSS) Shuttle Space Station
(VLY) Valley Forge Dome Ship
(WKH) Space Station Heisenberg
(ORV) Space Station Orville
(WIL) Space Station Wilbur
(ARK) Space Station Franklin
(VOY) Space Station Faraday
(MXP) Space Station Burnell
(TRD) Space Platform Banneker
(FME) Front Mounted Engine
(DRM) Space Station Dreamcatcher
(JFK) Space Station Kennedy
(FPS) Far Point Station
(ISP) Space Port Guth
(RRV) Space Vessel Mitchell
(ZGS) Space Station Bugorski
(SPD) Space Port Dock
(LTS) Lunar Transfer Station
(LSS) Lunar Science Station
(OSS) Orbital Science Station
(PCV) Planetary Colonization Vessel
(SRP) Space Station Solaris
(OPE) Outer Planetary Explorer
(LG5) LaGrange Point 5 Station
Supported Russian Stations Days of Operational Assistance
(UNK) Russian Unified Neutron Kontrol Platform
(BAB) Russian Space Platform Burnasheva
(RED) Russian Experimental Development Station

Supported Russian Space Stations

Robotic Spacecraft and Probes

Miscellaneous Spacecraft

Community Sandboxes

True Articles, Short Stories & Other Things

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True Articles

  • High Flight ~ A small boy's late night exploits and intense fascination with aeronautics, space flight and the human spirit...
  • Death on the Launch Pad ~ The true yet little-known story of the tragedy that occured just weeks before the first Space Shuttle launch...
  • The Space Mirror Memorial ~ A real place where everyone can go to learn about space heroes, where they're memorialized in an incredible way...
  • The Soyuz 11 Catastrophe ~ A work in progress...

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Short Stories

  • Trial By Fire ~ A brand new, never-before-tested rocket and crew capsule is about to undergo full power trials on the launch pad...
  • The Little Things ~ The commander of Russia's Space Cosmodrome must handle more than one crisis during a cosmonaut's space flight...


The ISAAC Module

  • ISAAC Module

ISAAC Module

Type: Station Part
Manufactured: 15 Dec 2017
Space Agency Version: 1.8.0
Power Usage: 30 Units
Function: Control Room

The ISAAC Module is a specially-manufactured medium-sized space station part. It has the capacity to hold 4 cargo items.

{ More information about the ISAAC Module can be found here. }

Recognitions, Honors, and Awards


Angkasa Peace Award

Angkasa-X News Item: July 27 2018

I present to you, the Angkasa Peace Award (APA) Certification.


Your agency is among 66 assessed agency and 18 certified for the award of peaceful organisation, APA!

Certified agencies are authorised to claim to receive the award & are able to use award logo to be displayed in profile.

APA Platinum Award

APA Platinum Award is an award for APA certified agencies with more than 150 points. Agencies to receive APA Platinum Award are:

Kindly visit Angkasa Peace Award (APA) page for full list of certified agencies.

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The Centauri Spaceworks ISAAC Star

Centauri Spaceworks News Item: 10 May 2018

ISAAC Star 1.gif

Centauri Spaceworks started work on developing an navigational aid. This device emits a bright beam of light on regular intervals, similar to a lighthouse or a pulsar. The device is designed to help guide astronauts in space back to HOM and the Space Agency Wiki. The official name is InterStellar nAvigation Assistance deviCe, but is nicknamed the ISAAC Star in honor of one of the major contributors to the Space Agency Wiki who has been away for some time.

At the core of the ISAAC Star are two space telescopes that have been modified to emit bright beams of light. These are powered by a nuclear reactor. Once assembled the devices is spun up to a specific rotation. The rotation causes the ISAAC Star to appear to flash at a specific frequency.

The initial test of the ISAAC Star was a partial success. The device was able to be spun up and maintain a stable position in space. However there was not enough fuel on board the two converted telescopes to be able to spin the device up to the desired speed and have enough fuel to decelerate it when maintenance was required. More research is required to make this a functional device.

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York Space Agency's Medal of Honor

York Space Agency News Item: 14 April 2018

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor


I present to you, the Medal of Honor.

Congratulations! This is awarded to users who have assisted in bettering York Space Agency. 9 users including yourself have received this award.

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