I'm Dysonsphere(or rather, my codename is). I run Dysoncorp, a space agency dedicated to making the world a better place. You can call me Dyson. Contact at spaceagencyalt@gmail.com for sandbox, classified information and images. My second email is classified.

Dysoncorp is a private military and civilian space agency. We come in peace, do not wage war on us because of obvious reasons...

Looking for a job in Aerospace? We're hiring! We have a wide range of open job places, from cleaner to Elite Commander!

Combined Station:

Station in full operation.






  1. Titan II ICBM: Light ICBM
  2. SLS Superheavy ICBM: Heavy Annihilator ICBM
  3. Stealth versions of launcher 1, 2, 4 and 5 below: Stealth Rockets

Scientific: Uncrewed

  1. Long March-Soyuz light launcher: Light and Fast
  2. Delta IV Heavy-Proton medium launcher: Main Rocket, Cheap yet Strong
  3. SLS-Proton superheavy launcher: Strongest, Multi-Payload Rocket
  4. NooleusX uncrewed: Reusable Supply Launch


  1. Delta IV: Light Launch for Crew
  2. Delta IV Heavy: Crew+Cargo Launcher
  3. NooleusX crewed: Reusable Manned Launcher
  4. Cheap Manned Launcher

Services: We offer cheap and fast services

  1. Launch: Light Rocket 5 million, Medium Rocket 8 million, Heavy Rocket 15 million, military rocket +1 million
  2. LP1/NooleusX delivery: Solo Launch 3 million, shared launch 500000, military +300000
  3. Military ICBM and target interception: Light ICBM: 10 million+permit, Heavy ICBM unavailable, Quick Bomb 800000+permit, interception cost is variable
  4. Resupply: Cost is rocket cost +50000
  5. Station Building: All combined rocket cost +1 million
  6. Short Range Transport: 200000
  7. Cheap manned orbital/suborbital launch: 500000
  8. Ads on our pages: 5000. LOL!


50 station modules for 400 million.

Monthly Resupply: 90 million for 1 year.


June 2015-Singapore Space Agency is founded.

July 2015-Singapore Space Agency collapses due to poor funding.

June 2016-ASEAN Space Agency is founded.

August 2016-ASEAN Space Agency goes inactive.(To this day, ASEAN Space Agency stays existent, and it works in the background for Dysoncorp, but rarely launches anything. ASEAN Space Agency’s possible next launch is dated at December 2017, more than a year than its last launch.)

November 2016-Dysoncorp is founded.

February 2017-Space Station Integral is constructed. Titan II ICBM put into service.

March 2017-Explorers 1 and 2 are completed.

May 2017-Space Station Integral and the Explorers are retired and destroyed. Long March-Soyuz, Saturn V, Saturn V-N1-Proton, Saturn V-Proton put into service.

June 2017-Defence fleet construction starts. SLS superheavy ICBM, Ariane 5-Proton, Delta IV Heavy-Proton, Ariane 5-Delta IV Heavy-Proton put into service.

July 2017-Defence fleet destroyed, after many international complaints.

August-September 2017-600-module station, RG4, SPD3, Orbital acquired. Voyager is constructed, Voyager X sent out and Lunar Colony built. Saturn V-Proton, Saturn V retired.

October 2017-Death Star and DSS 1 and 2 built. Cloaking devices built. LP1 quick bomb and LP1 delivery rockets put into service. Ariane 5-Proton and Ariane 5-Delta IV Heavy-Proton retired.

November 2017-Saturn V retired.

December 2017-Dysonium studies begin.

January 2018-All stations except Death Star destroyed, space port design completed.

February 2018-GEP mass production started. Saturn V-N1-Proton and LP1 Crewed retired.

Sometime after that-I am getting more inactive on the wiki.


  1. Dyson Launch Facility. Houses civilian launch pads 28a, 38a and 39a.
  2. Kesamet Launch Facility. Houses military launch pads 38a and 39a and the shuttle launch facility.
  3. GEP Launch facility. Houses military pad 28a and landing pad L1.
  4. Headquarters.
  5. CHS Tracking Station and Mission control.
  6. Audeamus Space Telescope.
  7. Raffles Radiotelescope.
  8. Super Long Range Missile Pad
  9. Various classified evacuation pads and mass construction disposable pads.

Status: Slightly inactive.


Dysonsphere: JOR Campaign Medal, Combat Medal, Assistance Medal

Dyson Stormer Regiment I: Medal of Victory First Class, Medal of Service

Dyson Stormer Regiment II: Medal of Victory Second Class, Medal of Service

Dyson Stormer Regiment III: Medal of Service

Dyson Stormer Reserve Regiment: Medal of Guidance

Codename Egg: Elite Commander, Medal of Service, Medal of Command, Medal of Research

Codename Apple: Elite Commander, Medal of Service, Medal of Command

Codename Bean: Elite Commander, Medal of Service, 6F Service Medal, Peace Medal

Thomas Bingley: Medal of Service

War Operations Control: Medal of Service, Medal of Victory Second Class

Civil Operations Control: Medal of Service

Science Team II: Medal of Research

Colonizer III crew: Medal of Honour

Medals Available from Dysoncorp:

Elite Commander: For those who excel in command and leadership.

Peace Medal: For those who can calm the world down in times of panic.

Medal of Command: For those whose excellence in command earns Dysoncorp the success of a large operation.

Medal of Guidance: For those who work behind the scenes to make a mission succeed.

Medal of Service: For those who contribute a lot to Dysoncorp.

6F Service Medal: For those who contribute a lot to 6F Defence.

Medal of Research: For those who contribute immensely to scientific research.

Medal of Victory: 1st Class for those who directly make the operation succeed, 2nd for indirect, and 3rd for large contribution.

Medal of Honour: For those who have lost their life for Dysoncorp

Medal of Glory: For the high ranking officials who sacrifice their life for Dysoncorp and/or humanity.


This memorial is dedicated to the 6 crew of Colonizer III. On 24th August 2017, the Colonizer Rocket, carrying 1 LK and 1 LM to build the Lunar Colony experienced a software problem, leading to engine failure. At a near orbit altitude, the rocket failed and plunged back to Earth, structually disintegrating halfway through. The crew were killed by the high G forces. This is Dysoncorp's only mission that completely failed.

Colonizer III, we will always remember you. Rest In Peace.

Colonizer III's launch data recorder and capsule voice recorder, as well a fragment from its first stage can be found on display at the Dysoncorp Headquarters.


To all those out there who think they qualify for this group of 100 soldiers.

The Dyson Stormers are the best group of soldiers in the world. Each and every one of them is good in Land, Sea, Air and Space battles. There is no division like communications soldier, antiaircraft soldier, field medic etc. Each of them is simply good at EVERYTHING.

Dyson Stormer selection:

Selections occur yearly. To be selected, you must be part of the US Navy Seals, with an age of 18 or lower. Perfect eyesight, hearing, senses and good teamwork, situational awareness etc. is EXPECTED. All applications fulfilling the first 2 criteria will be accepted, but we will weed out the stragglers.


If you thought SEAL hell week was hard, then you aren't cut out for this. Dyson Stormers don't have a hell week. Our entire 12 year course is PURE hell. Every day, 3 meals are served, but each meal is very light. Water consumption is limited to 1 litre a day. Sleep is available from 1.5-3 hours every day. No breaks are given: you remain in our facilities for 12 years unless you quit. Mental torture is done by our instructors. Trust me, you won't like what they do, be it jeering, taunting or blasting cancerous songs at full volume.

Phase 1: Physical Training. This phase includes running, push ups, sit ups, swimming, weight lifting etc.

Phase 2: Land Training. This phase teaches you how to be a soldier, a field medic, sniper, artillery, armour, paratrooper and more. This includes being taught how to drive a 6F made military vehicle and POW training.

Phase 3: Sea Training. You are taught to manage ship engines, be a frogman, repairer, commander, tatical planner and more.

Phase 4: Air Training. This teaches you how to pilot a 6F made tanker, fighter, transport, helicopter and also aerial survival skills.

Phase 5: Space Training. By now, hardly anyone is left. You are blasted off, and you train in weightless conditions in Port GEP. You are taught combat in space, in a space fighter, on a planet with higher or lower gravity and more. After the deployers are constructed, all Stormers are to go through another week of Deployer Training.

This is what it takes to produce our soldiers. Very little make it to this league. Even one of our recent recruitment runs yielded just one soldier, who was alone throughout his last week of training.

If you think you can actually make it, feel free to try out. Even if you train 12 years just for 10 years of Stormer Service, it's worth it. All Stormers, during or after service, have direct admission to the rank of military agent and below. Interview is needed for admission to Military Commander, and 1 month more of training is needed for Civil Commander.

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