Our Mission

The SRCA aims to develop the technology to safely and effectively colonize space, thus making mankind the first spacefaring civilization in the known universe. Space has no limits, and so do we.


StarSector Defence Corporation (StarSec)

The defence division of the SRCA, StarSec is responsible for all security-related matters of SRCA facilities, infrastructure, projects, and any other assets or locations deemed important to the SRCA, as well as protection of SRCA VIPs, both on the ground and in space.


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Missions and Projects

Project Type Objective Status
Project Epsilon Ship Construction Develop a multipurpose ion-drive-based vessel Construction Phase
NeS Program's Space City 3 Multi-Agency Collaboration Assist NeS Program et al. with Space City 3 Construction Phase
SRCA Moon HQ Infrastructure Establish new HQ on LUN Planning Phase
Project Stalwart Ship Construction Develop the SRCA's Stalwart-Class cargo freighter Planning Phase

Certifications and Awards

Elite Commander

DylanH121’s Elite Commander Insignia

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