About WSOC


The World Space Operation Centre is a User Space Agency of building and testing new Hightech Rockets.

Upcoming Flights

Aloris I -- Starting January 2018 -- Enter the Interstellar Room

Solaris Ia -- Starting 2018 -- Sending Pictures of SOL to HOM

ENCseta -- Starting Soon -- Manned Landing Tower to ENC

LSR Upgrade -- Starting 31th of December 2017 -- Upgrading Station LSR

Not yet guaranteed flights

Aloris I Recover -- ??? -- Recover Aloris I

ENC Crew Recover -- ???`-- Comeback for the Crew to HOM for a new place for ENCseta

FAST I -- ??? -- With High-Speed through space


The WSOC (long: World Space Operation Centre) is a Custom made Space Agency og the game Space Agency.

The earlier Version (name: SOLEC) has ended, because Satellites have taken over the entire orbit.

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