= About Corvus Prime Corporation =

  • I play alot of video games, I am a big Fan Of Vendetta Online.
  • Feel free to send me any Sandboxes my email is CorvusPrimeCorperation@gmail.com
  • I am the leader of Corvus Prime, containing over 350 members (counted may 15, 2020)
  • I play alot of space games.

Space Stations I've created.

Below is a list of some Space Stations iv'e created. If you want to copy any of these Space Stations, go ahead, but make sure you don't post them as your own and give full credit to who made them(me). If you want the stations in a sandbox faster tell me your email and what Space Station(s) you want.

(More Space Stations coming soon)

Small (Under 15 Moduels)

Normal (15-45 Moduels)

Large (45-160 Moduels)

XL (160-500 Moduels)

Centauri Spaceworks has designed a useful website to help you plan out and create amazing Space Stations to add to your sandbox : https://stationdesigner.app .

Cool Sandboxes Ive Created

Below is a list of different SandBoxes i have created. If you want any of these sandboxes, tell me your email and what Sandbox(s) you want.

(More SandBoxes comming soon)

-Lun Researtch Operation(LRO)-

This Sandbox contains A Base on planet lun, And 2 researtch Stations close to moon(one small one normal).

-Station Upgrade-

This Sandbox contains A upgraded MSS(23 moduels), ADS(18 moduels), And STA(38 moduels).



-ENC Study (ECS)-

This Sandbox contains a lab station and a ENC base.

.  .

-Planet Voyager-

This Sandbox contains a small shuttle station(22 moduels), a lunar moduel acend+a large comms on planets PUR, LUN, GRN, YEL, RED, ENC, SOL.

-Planet Voyager 2-

This sandbox Contains a Shuttle Station(22 moduels), a refuel station(9 moduels), and a lunar moduel acend+large comm. On ALL planets, thats LUN, GRN, RED, YEL, ENC, PUR, KAT, EMA, JOR, SOL, BLU, GOL.
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