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A democratic federal republic of smaller countries located worldwide, whose laws and principles are based on human rights. Despite the name, it does not encompass the whole planet, yet, but reflects membership from multiple continents and its status as a superpower. The current president is Zane Shabani of the Earth Force Party.


The rainbow on the flag plus the landmasses depicted on the Earth represents the diversity of ethnic groups and ideas that flourish. The Federated States is inspired in part by the United Nations itself, so the FSE flag also uses the light blue background.


The FSC was founded in Africa and eastern South America by a bunch of influential African lobbyists and conscientious entrepreneurs. It took two decades before the FSC developed into a superpower with major cities. During that time, legal systems in the areas were overhauled to introduce comprehensive human rights and to eliminate corruption that once plagued the regions. Many more power plants, factories and stylish apartment blocks were constructed to bolster productivity and prosperity, as well as to reduce poverty greatly.

Department of Civil Aerospace (DCA)

The civilian air and space government agency of the FSE, managing the air and space traffic above Federation territory as well as in space. Although space travel is still a luxury to most people, the research done at this department as well as other agencies are ensuring the cost of space travel goes further downwards. This agency also operates the big transit station in orbit, and has discovered pretty blue (radioactive) particles on JOR.

Like many Federation agencies, budget cuts are rare, which allows these agencies to develop long term projects.

Department of Defence

This department controls the military of the Federated States of Earth. Originally, the FSC was part of the Air Force branch, but given the high importance it has now, it has become a separate branch in its own right. Alongside the FSC, is the air force, army, navy, and civil defence.

Federation Space Command (FSC)

Also the Space Force branch, the branch of military forces of the FSE who have a large presence in space. Due to the rivalry between the FSE and others, much of their technologies are classified. Being a government force, they are heavily armed, with large stockpiles of nuclear weapons and well-trained space soldiers.

The FSC is seen by some as the leading policing agency in outer space, due to them being founders of the Federal Astronaut Security Academy. However, the FSC tries hard not to be arrogant, even if their patrol craft are seen everywhere checking everyone else.

The FSC were also involved in confrontations with notorious criminal Jeff McJefferson on multiple occasions. The FSC and allies also fought against alien bugs at JOR and the Red Triangle Hegemony on HOM, emerging as the victor while safeguarding humanity's future in the process.

They have the ability to respond to distress calls from anyone in space, and also have the ability to summon all human space forces during emergencies.

Department of Justice

This department has no spacecraft or space-related facilities to speak of, but is capable of handling disputes, crimes and other incidents that occur in space, and will command available FSC spacecraft to act on its behalf. They themselves are also the primary judicial body concerning outer space activity if not handled by other agencies.

Department of Commerce

This department is collaborating with the DCA to bring economically viable resource mining and planetary colonies into reality, although they do not own any spacecraft, yet. They are planning to obtain other spacecraft to regulate economic activity, as well as to open a new trade center in space.

They fear that piracy might appear given increasing space traffic, although the FSC and various security forces would handle that easily.

Department of Health

This department works with the DCA on preventing diseases from spreading in and between space stations, and also reports any bioweapons incidents to the FSC if needed. They are planning to construct a hospital in space in the future.


DCA, being a government agency closely cooperating with the United Nations, has jurisdiction over all human activity on their behalf, minus the areas where independent agencies have their own security forces patrolling there. Military units of any agency are allowed to fly around in international space as much as they want but they will be monitored for their safety.

The FSC's military forces has jurisdiction over all of its own military space stations, as well as those of allied agencies, and planets or stations being quarantined. Travel to and from HOM and other populated places are screened by FSC spaceships for any unsafe items, such as undocumented extraterrestrial organisms.

Any region experiencing crisis may be placed under FSC jurisdiction temporarily.

Open for business

For roleplay purposes, and to allow you to use my ship designs.

Both the FSC and DCA are willing to buy or sell ships or other equipment from any agency. We are also willing to cooperate on any project, secret or not.

However, our focus on human rights may make us wary of war profiteers.

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