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I am mostly inactive thanks to university work.

Basic info about me

Added much content as an editor (you can check my contributions above), and with experience in playing Space Agency. I also have access to all non-premium parts in my copy of the game.

Rank: Elite Commander

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These should be key principles for all humanity:

  • Peace
  • Justice
  • Freedom
  • Equality
  • Unity

No country in the world is exactly following that...yet. Greed and ignorance are the number one causes of conflict and strife in the world.

Own part ideas

Just some made-up parts that I thought of:

Current activities

Activities that aren't started by me but I'm paying attention to:

  • None

Federated States of Earth

The Federated States of Earth and its relevant space departments can be seen here.

Their rockets and space fleets can be seen here.

Looking to test your military strength? We have a rogues gallery here.

List of awards I or my agencies have are here.


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