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Angkasa Exploration Technologies Corporation, better known as Angkasa-X is MAS private aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company headquartered in Cyberjaya, Selangor.

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Galaxpace is a member of OneSpace alliance group. Current mission: SIS-8

AX Divisions:

  • Interplanetary Laboratory (AXIL) Space Research & Exploration
  • Jet Propellant Laboratory (AX-JPL) Rocket Development
  • Space Habitat (SHAX) Space Design & Habitat Management

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Angkasa-X Space Map as of 171125. The location is accurate but each objects are indicated with symbols as most of them are smaller than a pixel.
Angkasa-X Project Updates
Project Name Location Parts Status Developer Launch
Ayam Habitat HOM 200u-NW 16 Retired ASPft SHAX AX-JPL
Kulat Habitat HOM 140u-SE 264 Complete SHAX AX-JPL
Karipap Lab Kulat Habitat 7 Complete AngkaMAS AngkaMAS
Kubis Station Kulat Habitat 12 Complete SHAX AX-JPL
Gendut Spaceship Kulat Habitat 58 Complete PERO2 AX-JPL
Gerhana Habitat AXAA 336 Complete SHAX AX-JPL
Classified-P LUN (?) 612 (4%) Progress AX AX & ?
Pari Spaceship AXAA 145 (30) Progress SHAX AX-JPL
AX Sky Lab HOM 100u-N 9 Canceled AXILft SHAX AX-JPL
AX Space Base HOM 60u-N 73 Proposed AXft SHAX AX-JPL
Qaribun قريب Station LEO 9 Proposed Najm نجم ft SHAX AX-JPL
Baidun بعيد Station GEO TBA Proposed Najm نجم ft SHAX AX-JPL
Harun حار Survey Satt SOL TBA Proposed Najm نجم ft AXIL AX-JPL
Baridun بارد Survey Satt ENC TBA Proposed Najm نجم ft AXIL AX-JPL
Qamarun قمر Habitat
Wahid واحد TBA TBA Proposed Najm نجم ft SHAX AX-JPL
Ithnan اثنان TBA TBA Proposed Najm نجم ft SHAX AX-JPL
Thalatha ثلاثة TBA TBA Proposed Najm نجم ft SHAX AX-JPL
Snowflake Spacecraft
Saghirun-1 صغير AXAA 17 Proposed SHAXft Najm نجم AX-JPL
Saghirun-2 صغير AXAA 17 Proposed SHAXft Najm نجم AX-JPL
Saghirun-3 صغير AXAA 17 Proposed SHAXft Najm نجم AX-JPL
Kabirun كبير AXAA 41 Proposed SHAXft Najm نجم AX-JPL
Kaliper Mission
Kaliper Vessel ENC 21 Halted AXIL AX-JPL
Kaliper II Vessel GOL 17 Halted AXIL AX-JPL
Kaliper III Vessel AXAA 19 Concept AXIL
Purnama Alpha
Phase I PAAA 12 Complete SHAX YSA
Phase II PAAA 13 Complete SHAX LambdaTech
Phase III PAAA 13 Progress SHAX MASE
Phase IV PAAA 17 Contracted SHAX AX-JPL
Phase V PAAA 13 Contracted SHAX T3I
Phase VI PAAA 13 Contracted SHAX YSA
All Phase


81 (25) Progress

AXAA - Angkasa-X Assembly Area, 60u-E-HOM

PAAA - Purnama Alpha Assembly Area, 200u-SE-HOM

SHAX - Space Habitat Department, Angkasa-X

AXIL - Interplanetary Lab Department, Angkasa-X

AX-JPL - Jet Propellant Lab (Angkasa-X)

AXE - Angkasa-X Embassy

LEO - Low HOM Orbit

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  • Launch & Facilities
  • Mission Patches

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Updates (Blog Posts)

  1. SHAX: Ayam - Space Hotel by Angkasa-X
  2. SHAX: Kulat - Space Habitat by Angkase Project
  3. AX-JPL: MAS Defense Force used Siakap X4 to destroy spy station
  4. AX-JPL: Punai & Siakap Rockets by Angkasa-X
  5. AXIL: Distance Between Planets and Pre-built Stations
  6. AXIL: Projek Kaliper: Vessel Launched, First Survey Worked Successfully
  7. AXIL: Kaliper New Finding: Waypoint Distance To Planets Are Between The Craft and Planet's Surface
  8. AX-JPL: ARBsat: 4 Satellites Deployed in a Single Launch
  9. AX-JPL: 11 Payload Compartment in a Single Rocket Launch of SiakapX11
  10. AX-JPL & SHAX: Introducing NewHepard & Demo Flight
  11. AXIL: Kaliper: Survey Data Inconsistent, Kaliper Vessel Need To Resurvey Visited Plantes
  12. AX-JPL: Meriam-6 Weapon Testing for MAS Defense Force
  13. SHAX: When Architecture Meets Space: 3-Way Hub
  14. AXIL: Punai 9 Deployed Sarap-C Satellite To Monitor Space Debri - Launch Photos
  15. WannaFry Virus Hits Angkasa-X Computer Servers: Various Missions & Services Are Halted
  16. YSA & SHAX: SHAX Has Contracted YSA To Launch and Assemble First Phase of Purnama Alpha
  17. LambdaTech & SHAX: LambdaTech has been contracted by SHAX for Purnama Alpha Phase II
  18. YSA & SHAX: Purnama Alpha Phase I Completed, YSA Published Recordings of Construction
  19. MASE & SHAX: MASE Wins Contract To Launch Purnama Alpha Phase III
  20. SHAX & AX-JPL: Hasta Mission by SHAX, Siakap Rocket Back In Service
  21. MAS Space Force Detects an Unknown Station
  22. SHAX: Hasta Reached 100 Modules, SHAX Started Assembling Gerhana
  23. SHAX: Purnama Alpha - Confirmed Participating Agencies
  24. AX Times - SHAX Gerhana, AXIL Kaliper III, AX Space Map
  25. Classified-P by AX and Various Unknown Agencies
  26. AX Times: Gerhana Complete, Pari Construction Has Begun (and AX SkyLab + AX Space Base Announcement)
  27. AX-Gravity: The Strive to HOM (Challange, Sandbox Attached)
  28. Najm Is Partnering With Angkasa-X For Launch Services
  29. Video: Angkasa-X Year 2017 In Review
  30. Ciku-2HM Station Design - Seri Angkasa Orbital Hotel
  31. Live Imaging Satellite (LIMAS)
  32. Angkasa Peace Award (APA)

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  • Angkasa Exploration Technologies Corporation, better known as Angkasa-X is MAS private aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company headquartered in Cyberjaya, Selangor, MAS
  • Divisions in Angkasa-X:
    • AX Interplanetary Lab (AXIL) for Space Research & Exploration
    • AX Jet Propeller Lab (AX-JPL) for Rocket R&D & Manager
    • Space Habitat AX (SHAX) for Space Habitat Design & Management
  • Angkasa-X is partnering with ARB privatized national space agency, Najm to provide launch services
  • Angkasa-X has no involvement with MAS Armed Force but only serve them like a normal client/customer.
  • Projek Kaliper is Angkasa-X's flagship mission that will change the way we see the SA Universe
  • 'Angkasa' is a Malay word means 'Space', and X is the short for 'Exploration'.

Angkasa-X is the Host for Angkasa Peace Award (APA)

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Awards & Recognition

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© 2018 Angkasa Exploration Technologies Corp

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