My only agency is the ---PERSONAL INFORMATION--- Space Agency AKA airbusa380airplane Space Agency

Motto = (We Reach For The Stars - Literally)

main rockets: Saturn VI (saturn v first stage - saturn v second stage - tug module - payload - fairing)

Saturn V (Saturn V)

Nooleus 1 (nooleus 1 stage with PSLV boosters - PSLV connector - delta 1v 2nd stage - orion SM - payload - fairing)

SLS Crew (SLS - Eagle 8 2nd stage - orion sm - orion cm - orion LES)

SLS cargo (SLS - Eagle 8 second- orion sm or tug - payload i fairing)

Ariane 6+ (Ariane 6 with boosters - tug - payload - fairing)

NaN (quicklaunched part)

Eagle 8 (Eagle 8)


GAR - gargonpola (station far away from HOM and theorised to be made in Carrer with Shuttle)

STA (35ish modules + space shuttle nooleus)

RSS - russian station because i deorbited mss

EUS - European Station for ESA only used Ariane rockets and Draco Cargo for Capsule for ESA

SH1 - Space Hotel 1 with Tourisum 1 Capsule (Gemini SM + LOK crew+dock)

SCY - solar City (station under construction near sol one done will be put into sol orbit

SSA (space station airbusa380airplane)

GTW- gateway from Artemis (sometimes called GT and has Shuttle-gateway Program)

ADS (asteroid detection system 10 modules)

MSS (de-orbited at grn though waypoint still exists 10 modules pre deorbit) NOW A COMMSAT (meaningful survey satellite)

Transport Ship (proposed but may be cancelled)

HOM orbiter (telescope + manned section 6 modules)

Skylab (SAL+MSS sensor+Apollo CSM)

SOL orbiter (DracoCrew-VoyagerX transmitter)

CSS - Classified Station (no info publicly avalible exept its a nuclear test station)

GGW - Green Gateway (green Mission see User blog:Airbusa380A/Exploration)

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