The 3AP (Aeronautical, Atmospheric and Astronomical agency of Paradisum) was founded on September 9th, 2019 by Commander Apophis. The agency is a civil/military agency focused on exploration of the solar system and beyond as well as defense.

Below is a list of missions currently active as well as planned missions.

Mission Name Date Launched/Finished Destination(s) Mission Features
SS. Apex Completed on September 15, detonated on December 31. CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED
GOLEx Launched on October 1st, batteries ran out on November 15th GOL Reveal features of the planet GOL, discover rotation speed and direction, send Atmos Probe into the atmosphere. Atmos Probe, cameras, radar
Outer Solar System Explorer OSSE launched on April 1st Unknown Explore the far outer solar system. Cameras
SS. Apophis Operation was approved in January and completed on April 30 CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED
GOLEx 2 Launched on March 31st GOL Improve on findings discovered by GOLEx, determine length of day. Cameras, radar
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