Here's some of my stations, spacecraft, and station blueprints by me.

Quick note: I am not sharing my e-mail here due to privacy concerns, so asking me to give my sandboxes/stations will lead to nothing.

Endeavour Space Vessel (ESV)

Screenshot 20190710-134632.png

A large space vessel designed for interplanetary exploration, it's probably my largest space station, completed on July 2019. The main "engines" used to propel the spacecraft to different locations are the Eagle 8 First Stage used to propel forward, a Proton Second Stage used to slow down the forward speed or to propel it backwards, and two Station Builder Tugs to propel the spacecraft to different directions.

2018 03 23 19 44 08-1-.png

Queen Planetary Station (QPS)

This was the first station that I've successfully finished building. The initial final product had a total of 71 modules, and it could generate lots of power, due to the noticeable large numbers of the solar panels, and also the two CSgt Nuclear Generators on the top of the station. It was built on March 2018.

Ice screenshot 20180407-202842.png

On April 2018, I decided to upgrade the station, but pretty much no one cared about that upgrade. I also split the station into four zones, shown on the image on the left (if you'e using a computer like me).

I plan to rebuild this station in my "super stations" sandbox.

Seven Ellipse Station (7ES)

Screenshot 2020-07-26-13-57-52.png

Main article: User blog:2020dragons/Seven Ellipse Station

A space station located on a region between HOM and PUR, it serves as a large recharging space station that can recharge spacecraft almost instantly.

Station Upgrades

On my "super stations" sandbox, I have upgraded the three main stations of the game: STA, MSS and ADS.

Screenshot 2020-07-16-11-43-52.png


STA was the first space station I have upgraded. It is now more powerful than before, thanks to its six new large solar panels and two new CSgt Nuclear Generators. It kind of resembles the space station seen on the fifth mission on the Quick Play mode and on the briefing of the Sandbox mode. It has 36 modules now.


Screenshot 2020-07-17-10-35-51.png

Then, I upgraded the MSS, now with 34 modules. The three Soyuz spacecraft serve as escape pods, and an oxygen garden and airlock were installed to improve the atmosphere on the station.

Screenshot 2020-07-19-21-59-30.png


The ADS was the last station I have upgraded. Now, the station has much better qualities for the crew, as the "crewable" modules and "uncrewable" modules had been separated. It sort of resembles the QPS, but with its upper section (the one above the solar panels) cut off. Like the upgraded STA, it has 36 modules.


Screenshot 2020-07-08-12-30-14.png

The name of this station is classified, as it is a reconnaissance space station. It's always aimed for HOM, that to confuse people observing it from a telescope as a large satellite. Its previous NaviComp designation was SPY. 

Gemini Explorer

Screenshot 2020-07-28-14-27-37.png

The Gemini Explorer is a recently built spacecraft intended for cheap interplanetary manned exploration with a Gemini Capsule and without docking. The problem with this spacecraft is that, as it is powered by a Stand-Alone Laboratory, its main fuel tank exhausts rather quickly, that's why the thrusters are more used for voyages.

Space bases

Main article: User blog:2020dragons/Space bases

 Cancelled and future projects

Cancelled projects

Mega STA

The Mega STA was my first attempt to build a space station. It was supposed to be a STA upgrade with a bunch of new modules, mostly ATVs. When the station's power suddenly ceased, I destroyed it with an Explosive Module. It had two waypoints: MEG and STA.

Voyager-Z (VGZ)

The Voyager-Z was an attempt to construct an exploration station. I don't remember much details about it. Its waypoint can be seen on this image.

I plan to construct a space station with the same name in my "super stations" sandbox.


After seeing a Challenge of the Week by Galleigo, which had its main objective to build a carpark in space, I suddenly felt the urge to build one (GRG, Garage), however the station was abandoned during construction.

Space hospital.png

Space Hospital

The Space Hospital would have been an hospital in space containing nine medical bays and with a Shuttle that would transport the patients to it. Because of my silliness (not saving while building a station), the hospital vanished during construction, and I decided not to rebuild it again.


Atlas Space Vessel (ASV)

Main article: User blog:2020dragons/Atlas Space Vessel

This was a rather complex exploration station that I had been working on in a sandbox in April 2019. I've successfully built a part of the station, but abandoned it mid-progress. Later on I would go on to build the ESV.

Epsilon Allure Station.jpg

Epsilon Allure Station (EAS)

This was the largest space station I have ever attempted to build. It had 478 modules, and had a cross/X-like shape. Soon after finishing the ESV, I started building the core but left it behind as a concept blueprint.

Future projects

Station Crossroads (SCR)

Station Crossroads is currently planned to be built soon. It will serve as a recharging and refueling station.


Blueprint of the station, made with CptAcheron's station designer app

The name of this station is classified, because, like the PRS, is a reconnaissance space station. However, unlike the latter, it wasn't built yet, and building is gonna start some time after the completion of the SCR.  

Pallas Exploration Vessel (PEV)

PEV (1).jpg

A planned exploration station that would be powered mainly by Ion Drive Linkables, and an Automated Transfer Vehicle will be used to slow it down or to turn the vessel to other directions. It also has a survey pod on its top that would separate from the main spaceship and orbit the planet for better details of it.

Concept blueprints

Space titanic.png

Space Titanic

A blueprint introduced on April 2019, it was shaped like a rectangle (intended to be shaped like the hull of a ship), and would be powered almost entirely by Ion Drive Linkables.

Ultima Star Zero.png

Ultima Star Zero (USZ)

The Ultima Star Zero was a concept blueprint for a 442-module exploration station that could have been one of the largest exploration stations ever built. It appeared on mid-2019.

Space explorer 456.png

A space explorer design

Another design on 2019 was about an untitled exploration station that appeared in late June 2019.

Kaizer Station Concept 881 parts.jpg

Kaizer Space Station (KSS)

Main article: User blog:2020dragons/Kaizer Space Station

A more recent concept introduced on July 2020 is about a multipurpose space station that would generate tons, and I mean TONS of power. It has a total of 887 modules.

CARJE colony ship

Main article: User blog:2020dragons/CARJE colony ship


This is a concept of a multinational colony ship with 974 modules.

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