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Tutorials expose the new player to the very basics of the game. They are a series of training exercises designed to familiarize players with how the game works and what is required to successfully complete specific tasks.

If a player feels that more practice would help in mastering certain tasks, each tutorial can be repeated as often as one wishes, after it has been successfully completed.

NOTE: It is STRONGLY recommended that new players complete the entire tutorial program BEFORE beginning undertaking the advanced missions of Career Mode.


Mission Failed

This will happen if your rocket gets destroyed or if the time runs out in every tutorial.

Other Tutorials[]

Other tutorials on this wiki are sets of tricks compiled by users who had some of these specific problems. Some examples include Building a Space Station and Launching Heavy Payloads.


Mission complete with 1 second remaining

A gold award with 1 second remaining

  • Most tutorials don’t give you bronze or silver awards, whether you waste time or waste money. In the versions prior to 1.4.0, they give you silver or bronze awards.