• Hi Long March,

    As per the discussion on the 'ideas for your sandbox' page, and the guideline that wiki pages should focus on core concepts in the game, the above page should be moved to a user blog.  Unfortunately, the admins do not currently have the ability to move pages from the wiki to a user blog.  The best way to post this content on your blog is to create a new blog post.  

    I have deleted the wiki page.  I included the content below in this messsage if you want to repost it on your blog.  Thanks for being an active member of the wiki and your contributions!

    Content of deleted page:

    - Building exploration vessels

    - Space warfare (STA and ADS vs MSS and another station!). You can also edit the existing stations (obviously!).

    - Dance! Put modules in a specific pattern , play your favourite song and dance!

    - Analyse every planet! ( Launch Orlets 1 around every planet!)

    - Test ADS! Set up your own interceptors and use Ion drives docked to solar panels as asteroids! Otherwise, use station models.

    For extra fun, use these on community sandboxes!

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