The Station Refuel Silo is a dockable fuel tank with 4 docking ports. Ships attached to it can have their main fuel tanks and thruster propellant tanks refilled. This is the heaviest single payload in the game and you will have to launch it with powerful rocket parts, such as those in the SLS, the N1-LK-LOK, the Delta IV or the Saturn V rockets.

This module is unlocked after completing Mission 14, and consumes 5 Power.

Due to its large Fuel Capacity, it's frequently used by players in the construction of space stations.

Fuel Capacity

Based on a user's calculations, this module contains 17 "units" of fuel. (It filled an Automated Transfer Vehicle which contains 3 "units" of fuel 5 times and filled the sixth two-thirds full)


  • When the silo is in space and not attached to any other spacecraft/modules, you can self-destruct it. This is useful when you want to discard empty silos from spacecraft/stations, unless the silo is too integrated into the station or modular ship.
  • The Station refuel Silo is the single module that carries the most fuel in the game it self. Apparently, a refuel silo and an ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) docked together is all you need to get to any celestial body from HOM and back 3 or 4 times, based on a player's calculations.

The two internal fuel tanks inside

  • When using internal views, it is seen that the Fuel Silo is actually comprised of two smaller fuel tanks; one for Main Fuel and the other for Thruster Propellant.
  • It is commonly used as a test payload to measure the power of heavy and medium rockets.
  • It appears to have a fifth docking port facing towards the viewer
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