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Skylab 1 in Space Agency. Click here for the real-life image. Note the Long Medium Fairing on top of the modified Saturn V 3rd Stage Stand-Alone Laboratory.

The Stand-Alone Laboratory is a station part which has everything necessary to serve as a one piece functional space station.

It comes equipped with built-in Solar Panels to re-charge its on board batteries (stored as cargo), a rocket engine with internal fuel tanks (which can be re-filled). It also comes equipped with eight Cargo slots pre-loaded with 2 Batteries, 2 Oxygen Tanks, 2 Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers, and 2 Water Tanks. Its solar panels generate 100 units of electricity (without the batteries on-board), of which it consumes 6. It is essentially NASA's space station Skylab, made out of a Saturn V Third Stage.


  • You can build the Skylab (albeit two radiators instead of one) by adding a hub and two MSS Sensor Modules.
  • On top of the "X" of the solar panels is the Apollo Telescope Mount (keep in mind that Hubble was not yet launched).
  • There are some pieces of glass inside the laboratory, it maybe either the experiments being conducted or the mirrors and lenses of the telescope, as its real-life counterpart has one.
  • If you drag the part from the menu in the rocket building section, and discard it, you can see for a split-second something like a retracted Solar Panel Large without the cover.
  • You can put any medium connector on this part when building your rocket. If you do so, the lab will behave like a Saturn V third stage with RCS, and you can put any stage on top of it. Doing this results in it looking rather odd.

Stand-Alone Lab in cargo view.

The Skylab.

The skylab blueprint.