The Sports Car is a medium-sized specialty payload, added in version 1.8.3. This is a novelty item and the first game part that has no specific manufactured space exploration purpose.

It does not have power or maneuvering capability, and cannot land on planets safely. Once it is separated from its launch platform, it is useless.

The only mission where this is featured is on Mission 35, where it is sent to RED.


Screenshot 2018-01-04-17-48-06

Try hard as you may to land it on a planet, the Sports Car will always explode upon impact!

  • The Sports Car seems to be the direct in-game replication of the red Tesla sports car belonging to SpaceX's president Elon Musk. On February 6, 2018, SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon Heavy rocket into orbit and used the red Tesla Roadster as weight to test the payload capacity of the rocket. The car was released into orbit after fairing separation and is now in a Mars-Earth elliptical orbit.
  • The Sports Car is the only medium payload that can be put in a small tug and a small fairing.
  • It is the second payload aside from the Communications Satellite which when released, are useless.
  • It is the only payload that cannot have the inside of it visible.
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