The Space Telescope is a payload launched in Mission 4, where it must be left within a pre-determined and pre-marked orbital location, indicated by a green squared area. Once there, it is visited in Mission 10 where it must be refueled with thruster propellant, and again in Mission 24 where its batteries are replaced.

It can be used to take photographs, like the Lunar Lander, the LK Lander, the Pod and the Voyager-X Antenna. However, it has limited movement from where it is placed, as the telescope has no main engine and as it does not provide displacement laterally, forwards or backwards. The thrusters have an abnormally high displacement capacity because of this, however.

It uses 5 power with Navicomp turned on, and 1 power with Navicomp off.


  • A Space Telescope is also used as the enemy spy satellite in Mission 7, but with a different texture.
  • The spy telescope has no batteries in the mission, so you cannot cheat.
  • The Space Telescope Appears to be a simplified version of the Hubble Space Telescope .