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The Space Telescope is a payload launched in Mission 4, where it must be left within a pre-determined and pre-marked orbital location, indicated by a green squared area. Once there, it is visited in Mission 10 where it must be refueled with thruster propellant, and again in Mission 24 where its batteries are replaced.

It can be used to take photographs, like the Lunar Lander, the LK Lander, the Pod and the Voyager-X Antenna. However, it does not have movement to go out from where it is placed, as the telescope has no main engine and as it does not provide displacement laterally, in layman's terms, forward, backward, left, or right. The thrusters, however, have an abnormally high displacement capacity because of this.

It uses 5 units of Power with its NaviComp turned on, and 1 unit of Power with Navicomp off.

Spy Satellite

The Spy Satellite shown in Mission 7 is a modified Space Telescope which has a different texture, on which the telescope tube is gray instead of white, and the body of the telescope is gray instead of yellow. The body also has a red triangle.


  • The spy telescope has no batteries in the mission, so you cannot cheat.
  • The Space Telescope Appears to be a simplified version of the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Since it is a simplified version and does not have solar panels or fuel tanks, it has to be resupplied often, but it has excellent battery conservation power, which means, it does not need to resupplied as often as a space station.
  • The red triangle is possibly the analogue of the Soviet Union's flag or an insurgent nation's flag.