Solar Probe Alpha is one of two specially designed probes that are both used in Mission 12 to study SOL, the other one being Solar Probe Beta. Alpha is discernable from Beta by its blue rocket engine housing; Beta's rocket engine housing is red.

Both probes must be simultaneously managed during space flight due to time constraints to successfully complete this mission.

Both Solar Probe Alpha and Solar Probe Beta are medium-sized payloads, and do not actually have a function in the game, much like a Communications Satellite.


  • The mission briefing describes the probes as having special shielding to protect them from the intense heat of SOL, but if they are maneuvered too close to SOL they will still be destroyed.
  • It can be surmised that the special shielding, the gold N1-LK-LOK plate at the front of the craft, is a solar camera protector. 
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