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A Solar Panel Large is a small-sized, double-docking ported module used to supply power to space stations and other space vessels.

As with other solar panels, this solar panel can not be powered on until it is connected to an active power source. However, unlike the other solar panels, this part requires a significant amount of space due to its extreme width when open. It will not open if there isn't sufficient room for it to do so.

These modules are commonly connected in large quantities, to supply all needed power to the station. This is commonly referred to as a "Solar Panel Farm".

It can be retracted to save space by powering it off, but it will not generate power when shut down.

Once this module is activated, it generates 100 Power units, consumes 2 Power units, and thus can supply up to 98 Power units to other modules which are connected to it.

If you put it on a rocket and then discard it will look the same object except you can see a retracted Solar Panel Large but without the cover.This is similar to the Stand-Alone Laboratory.