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Space station build in the Sandbox.

The Sandbox is the final stage in Space Agency where the player has completed all the training provided and is now fully qualified to perform any action or task in the game. This, however, does not mean that the Sandbox can only be used by players who completed the Career Mode, although it is required to complete the Career Mode to use all parts in the game in the Sandbox (though they can be unlocked through purchasing).

In Sandbox, the player can build any rocket composed of their own choice of parts, manage their own space program, build their own space stations, or even complete epic space journeys, and land or splash down on distant Planets.

Multiple rockets can be used at the same time ,as long as neither is in a atmosphere, and players have the option to save or discard changes when they exit the Sandbox.

Also, Cargo can be added, moved or ejected to supply station stations in Sandbox.

In Sandboxes you can use quick launches to automatically teleport a spaceship to a orbit or station of choice. The player gets a quick launch for every 10 normal launches.

Unlike Career Mode, the Mission Clock counts up, showing how long the player has been actively playing ,which resets when you exit the sandbox (regardless if you save) .

After one hour of in-game play, the Mission Clock stops at 60:00 (exactly 60 minutes). This is just for show; just to let the player know how long they've been playing. It does not have any affect on the game, or what the player can do. The game will state “60 seconds” one minute before reaching 60:00, and “10 seconds” 10 seconds before reaching 60:00. At 60:00, the game will state “out of time”, but the player may keep playing if they so choose -- the clock will just remain "frozen" at 60:00, since there is no space for the hour counter to be displayed (or else the countdown will overlap the exit button or even the numbers would squeeze themselves to fit thru the screen). This is a potential bug.

It is suggested, however, that at this time the player should probably stop and take a short break before continuing to play.

At anytime, players may exit the Sandbox they are using, and have the choice of saving their progress or fully exiting without saving it. They can fully exit the game at this time or they can enter another Sandbox immediately.

Players are encouraged to save their progress often, just in case an accident destroys something they are working on.

Players may share any sandbox they currently have saved on their device, using the SHARE feature, which uses the players e-mail to send the file to the sender's choice.

Upon receiving a Sandbox, the '"Space Agency Sandbox File (saved as a *.sasbx file) is imported into the game, when it is opened with the Space Agency App. This works in the iOS and Android devices.


  • When starting a new sandbox, the career world as it is at the point of creation will be used as a template. This means, among other things:
    • If creating a sandbox before Mission 4, the Space Telescope will not appear in HOM's orbit. However, the Communications Satellite will still appear if you have completed Mission 1.
    • If the sandbox is created after Mission 7, the spy satellite will appear orbiting HOM, however it won't if the sandbox is created on any other mission.
    • If done before Mission 17, the ADS won't be present at all. Additionally, if done before Mission 34, the ADS won't appear fully constructed.
    • Sandboxes created before Mission 11 will not have the MSS.
    • If creating a sandbox before Mission 26, not all planets will appear.
    • While STA can be visited before completing any mission, if the sandbox was created before Mission 27, STA won't appear fully constructed (on some devices this dosen't load up).
    • If the sandbox is created before Mission 30, the Space Shuttle cannot be found.
    • If the sandbox is created before Mission 35, it will not have the Sports Car orbiting RED
    • If the sandbox is created after Mission 37, the unfinished test craft can be found near STA
  • Most items in the sandbox require you to complete specific Career Mode missions before unlocking them. Optionally, you can purchase them all for $4.99. (except for the Transponder Module and NooleusX.)
  • Each item can be used 9 times for every launch. But if you use all nine, you must reopen the sandbox to use that part again.
    • There is a bug on which sometimes only one or two parts are available for rocket construction.
  • 1 Quick Launch is awarded when the player sucessfully lands a reuseable rocket in the sandbox.