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The SLS Core Stage is a large 1st stage rocket that is the first stage of the SLS (Space Launch System). All boosters in the game can connect to it, and its size is unmatched by any other part in the current version of Space Agency. It is much more effective when you attach the SLS Advanced Boosters or the SLS Solid Boosters to it.


  • The SLS Core Stage is unlocked in Mission 22 along with all other SLS parts.
  • This is the tallest stage in the Large Parts menu.
  • Before version 1.6.0, it burned for a longer time and had more lifting power than the current version.
  • It is able to reach orbit on its own or with a payload if fuel-saving techniques are used.
  • It is the only part to attach any boosters in the construction.
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The SLS Core Stage looked like this prior to version 1.5.0

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