This page is dedicated to sharing effective rocket designs to the community. If you have created a fast, efficient rocket that you wish to share the community, take a screenshot of your vehicle and post it on this page or in the comments. You may also state the parts that your rocket can lift to orbit. A BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKING ROCKET IS UNNECESSARY.

You can see all the standard rockets here.


  • Double Soyuz

2 Soyuz 2nd stages stacked on top of each other can easily reach orbit. Best for light payloads.

  • Titan + Long March Boosters + Soyuz

Normal boosters are fine too. Better for heavier payloads that a double soyuz can't carry.


  • Nooleus + Ariane 5 Boosters + N1 Block V

You can skip the N1 Block V for lighter payloads. Cheap and good build.

  • LP1 + Orion SM + Nooleus X Crew Capsule/Orion CC

If you bought Nooleus X, you may just use the Orion SM to boost the NX Crew Capsule into orbit.

LP1 sep -> Land LP1 -> Boost Nooleus X Crew Capsule into 92% orbit reach -> Orion SM sep

Or, LP1 + Orion SM or Connector Medium and Tug + Payload


Screenshot 2018-03-25-18-28-23-1-

Saturn-V First Stage + N1 block B

  • Saturn V First Stage + N1 Block B

The Saturn V second stage burns for a very short time and providing only mediocre lift, so it is better to use the N1 Block B for a better chance of reaching orbit.

  • Sls Core + Sls Boosters

The obvious choice for the heaviest payloads: the largest stage and the largest boosters. You can place a payload directly on top of the sls core and cover it with an SLS Payload Adapter for maximum payloads per launch.

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