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This page is dedicated to sharing effective rocket designs to the community. If you have created a fast, efficient rocket that you wish to share the community, take a screenshot of your vehicle and post it on this page or in the comments. You may also state the parts that your rocket can lift to orbit. A BEAU TIFUL/GOOD-LOOKING ROCKET IS UNNECESSARY.

You can see all the standard rockets here.


  • Double Soyuz
  • 2 Soyuz 2nd stages stacked on top of each other can easily reach orbit. Best for light payloads.
  • Titan 2 First Stage + Long March Boosters + Connector Small + Titan 2 2nd Stage + Payload + Small Fairing Long. Titan III-C. You could make MOL by placing Connector Small + Station Module Small + Connector Small + Gemini SM + Gemini CC, but it is too heavy to be lifted by anything that looks like a Titan III-C.

• Titan + Long March Boosters + Connector Small + Tug Module Heavy + LK Lander Legs + Black Arrow 2nd Stage + Small Payload + Medium Fairing Long. Titan III-B Centaur

  • Titan 2 1st Stage + Long March Boosters + Connector Small + Soyuz 2nd Stage + Connector Small + Tug Module Heavy + LK Lander Legs (optional) + Tug Module Small (optional) + Payload + Fairing Super Long. Titan IV
  • Titan + Long March Boosters + Soyuz

Normal boosters are fine too. Better for heavier payloads that a double soyuz can't carry.

  • Long March 1st Stage + Long March Boosters + Tug Module Heavy + Orion SM + Payload + N1 Fairing + LOK Service Module + LOK Crew Module + LOK Docking Module + LOK Fairing + Crew Escape Tower.

Long March 10 By FCSA.

  • Long March 1st Stage + Solid Boosters + Long March 2nd Stage

Atlas V rocket. To make Starliner add Tug Moduel + Crew Capsule Dockable

  • Titan II First Stage + Connector Small + Delta Second Stage + Connector Small + Tug Module Light + Crew Capsule Dockable + Crew Escape Tower

NASA Saturn One rocket

• Mercury First Stage + Long March Boosters + Tug Module Heavy + Orion SM + Payload / Orion CC + Medium Fairing Long / Orion Abort Tower. Cheap and efficient rocket for any payload up to the weight of a Space Station Module. You could Replace the Orion SM and all on top of it with a Delta IV Connector + Tug Module Medium + Small Payload + N1 Fairing + Tug Module small + Crew Capsule + N1 Escape Tower.


  • Nooleus + Ariane 5 Boosters + N1 Block V

You can skip the N1 Block V for lighter payloads. Cheap and good build.

• LP1 + Draco Crew Capsule + Draco Fairing. Completely reusable rocket. (we don't talk about the fairing!)

  • LP1 + Orion SM + Nooleus X Crew Capsule/Orion CC

If you bought Nooleus X, you may just use the Orion SM to boost the NX Crew Capsule into orbit.

LP1 sep -> Land LP1 -> Boost Nooleus X Crew Capsule into 92% orbit reach -> Orion SM sep

Or, LP1 + Orion SM or Connector Medium and Tug + Payload

  • Delta IV First Stage + Connector Medium To Medium Long + Saturn V Third Stage + Delta V Connector + Delta V Second Stage + Orion SM + Orion CC/Payload + Orion Escape Tower/Fairing

Based off of the Pheonix One rocket made by the HPRF

  • Delta IV First Stage + Solid Boosters + Connector Black Arrow + Tug Module Heavy + Orion Crew Capsule

Atlas V Starliner, You can replace the Orion CC for a payload+fairing

• Ariane 6 First Stage + Ariane 5 Boosters + Orion SM + Payload + Medium Fairing of your choice. Ariane 7 by Airbusa380A

• Delta IV 1st stage + Ariane 5 or 6 Boosters + Long Connector Medium to Medium + Stand-Alone Laboratory + Delta IV Connector + Orion SM + Payload + Medium Fairing Long. Rocket for any payload to a Station Module Large.

  • Delta IV First Stage + PSLV Boosters + Eagle 8 Connector / Delta IV Connector + Delta IV Second Stage + Payload + Medium Fairing Long. H-II rocket, you can use Long March Boosters to make H-II A
  • Nooleus First Stage + Delta IV Boosters (Optional) + Tug Module Medium + Orion SM (Optional) + Payload + Fairing

Medium size launcher for launching stuff like space telescopes


Saturn-V First Stage + N1 block B

Saturn-V First Stage + N1 Block B + Delta IV Connector + Stand-Alone Laboratory + PSLV Connector + Delta IV 2nd + Payload + Medium Fairing Long/N1 Fairing + Delta 2 2nd Stage + Crew Capsule Dockable. Saturn 7 by FCSA

  • Saturn V First Stage + N1 Block B

The Saturn V second stage burns for a very short time and providing only mediocre lift, so it is better to use the N1 Block B for a better chance of reaching orbit.

  • SLS Core + SLS Boosters (Outdated)

The obvious choice for the heaviest payloads: the largest stage and the largest boosters. You can place a payload directly on top of the sls core and cover it with an SLS Payload Adapter for maximum payloads per launch.

  • N1 Block A + Connector Large to Large + Saturn V Second Stage + Proton Second Stage + Orion SM + Lunar Module Decent + Pod + Medium Standard Fairing

Saturn C8 Nova, You can replace the Lunar Module Decent + Pod + Medium Standard Fairing with Orion CC + Orion Abort Tower or Lunar Module Descent + Gemini Service Module + LOK Crew Module (so you can return the crew to earth and reenter) If you have the DLC, replace Proton 2nd + Orion SM with Eagle 8 2nd + Delta IV Connector + Delta IV 2nd and replace the Medium Fairing Long with a N1 Fairing + Fairing Aero.