The Resupply Module Dockable is a module for delivering supplies to space stations and/or other spacecraft.

It is used in Mission 2 to resupply STA with Water Tanks and Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers. In Mission 5 it docks with another Resupply Module in HOM's orbit. In Mission 17 it bring the ADS Core Module to its 'parking space'. It is purposefully destroyed in Mission 22 while on a collision course with STA. In Mission 32 it is used to dock with STA.

The module has a pressurized area with 6 cargo slots, 1 of which must contain a battery.


  • The Resupply Module Dockable is one of two parts that has been found to experience the Fault malfunction, the other being the Solar Panel. This game mechanic was eliminated in the Sandbox mode in update 1.4.4.
  • It was the first craft that the game creator, Andy Barry, created in Space Agency. See here.
  • It is used too as the training craft in the Training Missions.