A Recharging Space Station is a station, its sole purpose being to provide power to batteries on other ships. The most effective way to get a battery charging is to attach modules to transfer power, but not actually turn those modules on. There are a variety of power generation parts in the game. They are as follows:


A good indicator of a station's charging capability is if it provides more power than it uses. Each power generation module uses up power to turn the panel on and keep it open.

A Resupply Module Dockable docked to a Space Station Hub and a Solar Panel Small (Note: the battery on the top is low

Simple Designs

The simplest design is a solar panel docked to a station hub docked to a resupply module with batteries as cargo. The small panel supplies 52 power, and with the hub only consuming 5, the resupply module has more than enough to charge all 4 batteries on board.

Complex Designs

More complex designs may connect many Large Solar Panels or have multiple side-by-side CSgt Nuclear Generators.

Example of a complex recharging space station design — the Seven Ellipse Station, by 2020dragons

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