Quick Play version 1.9.0

Quick Play is a game mode in Space Agency which allows you to choose from 7 quick missions. This serves as an excellent means to practice rocket launching and capsule maneuvering.

Missions 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 are practice missions, containing pre-assembled rockets with pre-selected payloads. The object of these missions is to successfully launch the rocket to orbit and deliver the payload to the pre-built space station orbiting HOM.

Mission 4 is a practice mission, to successfully re-enter a Crew Capsule to a safe splashdown.

Mission 5 is a practice mission, allows users to add numerous expansion modules to an existing space station (somewhere in space).

NOTE: During QUICK PLAY, there are certain limitations which restrict extended game play. There is no access to the NaviComp, the planets can not be located in space, and the ability to launch additional modules, rockets or fuel has been disabled. The player may only use the rockets and resources given to them at the beginning of the mission. Once those resources are depleted, the mission is effectively over. As previously stated, this is essentially a practice mode, in which players may more easily hone their piloting skills.

List of Quick Play Missions

  1. Titan Launch - Cargo version. Note that the second stage is a resupply module.
  2. Black Arrow Launch - Payload of explosive module.
  3. Proton Launch - Payload of Orlets-1 Survey Satellite
  4. Re-entry - Crew capsule undockable is used, and it starts just as you enter the atmosphere.
  5. Space Station - A model of the ISS is provided, along with a resupply module, station builder tug and other miscellaneous parts floating around. For some reason, all the parts in this mission have Navicomp capability, including docking hubs, solar panels and even trusses.
  6. Saturn V Launch - The Saturn V rocket but without any lander.
  7. First Stage Landing - Using the LP1, launch a Resupply Module Dockable into orbit, but first, successfully land the LP1 on the Landing Pad.
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(Note: In First Stage Landing, Waypoints for all planets and stations are active in this practice session. Also, if the player navigates to STA, a new space station is found near it.)


The model ISS in the quick play mission (this is the blueprint).

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