The Proton on the Launch Pad 38A.

Proton launch

The Proton (Russian: Протон) is a mid-sized pre-assembled, ready to launch rocket found in the Quick Play aspect of the game. It comes with a pre-loaded payload of an Orlets-1 Survey Satellite.

It consists of 2 stages, those being the Proton First Stage and the Proton Second Stage. Boosters cannot equipped similarly to the Soyuz. It costs $21,175,000 to construct on career missions.


  • The Proton rocket is a near-exact duplicate of its real world namesake, the long-used and highly successful Russian payload Proton (Протон), which is still being used today. It is so successful that it is sold for commercial use to other countries and is slated to be used until at least the year 2030.

The variants of the Proton Rocket

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