The Pod is a spacecraft docked with the ADS in Mission 29.

This is useful for the expansion in Mission 29 because of its moderate fuel capacity. It can take photographs and uses 13 units of Power.


  • Like the Voyager-X Antenna and the ADS Sensor Wings in Mission 20, the Pod is docked in reverse.
  • The pod can be placed on a Lunar Module Descent for use as an alternative design lander for planet exploration.
  • The pod looks very similar to the pod in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The Pod can reach orbit completely on its own, often still having approximately half of its engine fuel in reserve.
  • The Pod can take photographs, but cannot do so while ascending through the atmosphere.
  • The pod cannot turn using the main engines because the engines don't have gimbals.
Screenshot 2017-12-28-02-26-59

The Pod reaching orbit around HOM