This article is about the station part. For the mission of the same name, see Mission 27.


An Oxygen Garden is used to supply breathable air aboard space stations and space vessels. It produces oxygen using onboard plants and a water source (Water Tanks). It also maintains air pressure and ensures that carbon dioxide is kept at a minimum level. It must have a continuous supply of Power to operate.

It will also refill empty Oxygen Tanks and replenish Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers, when either is placed in a slot and a Water Tank is occupying another slot. Additionally, two Water Tanks can be placed to reduce the frequency of replacing water tanks.

During station development, it should be kept in mind that air can not be transferred through lander descent vehicles, Refuel modules, the Space Telescope, Explosive Module, Satellites, Solar Probes, Voyager-X parts, Radiator, Ion Drive modules, Station Builder Tug, Truss modules, Solar Panel modules, ADS Core Module, ADS Sensor Wing, and the CSgt Nuclear Generator.

This part consumes 60 units of Power when operating.

This part is unlocked after successfully completing Mission 27.


  • Though inefficient, Oxygen Gardens powered by internal Batteries can be used as missiles since releasing air generates thrust.
  • Similarly, Oxygen Gardens can act as engines to thrust spacecraft or space stations instead of using Fuel or Ion Drives.
  • With enough Oxygen Gardens, a station does not need any Oxygen Tanks or Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers. However, if these items are aboard, the station will consume them anyway.
  • If you go to any view besides the spacecraft view, the interior seems to feature a lot of green plants with water tubes running along it.
    • Removing the Water Tank or turning it off will cause the plants to turn brown (possibly die) in about 9-10 seconds.

      The oxygen garden when supplied with 0 power.

Oxygen Garden Inside.png
Oxygen Garden Inactive.png
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