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A de-orbiting Large Communications Satellite.

Overheating is a game mechanic in Space Agency that occurs when parts enter the atmosphere of a particular planet such as HOM or GOL and end up overheating and turning red in colour until they explode and trigger a chain reaction of explosions among interconnected or nearby parts, similar to ones caused by collisions or self-destructing parts. It is survivable if you do not stay within the atmosphere for long periods, and affected parts will cool down (such as in aerobraking).

However, parts specifically designed to re-enter an atmosphere (such as the Orion Crew Capsule or Atmospheric Probe) instead trigger the re-entry sequence, even if the camera is not focused on it, unless still attached to parts not designed for such.

Re-entry vehicles have to be stabilised while descending down an atmosphere, otherwise they will also overheat and explode.

Although SOL does not have a usual atmosphere, it will still vaporize any part that gets too close, which makes both re-entry and landing impossible.

Certain payloads (such as the Automated Transfer Vehicle), when not protected by any fairing during launch, will overheat and explode when the velocity is halfway inside the green zone.