Not to be confused with Survey Satellite.


The Orlets-1 Survey Satellite is a satellite launched to orbit LUN in Mission 8. Much like the Space Telescope, Voyager-X Antenna, Voyager-X Main Body, Lunar Module Ascent, Lunar Module Descent, LK Lander Core, LK Lander Legs, and the Pod, it can take photographs.

This satellite is very useful to place in orbit around other planets, in order to see what's going on there. The two solar panels allow the satellite to remain in orbit indefinitely, due to its self-contained power system.  

It is light enough to be launched by most rockets without much difficulty. It generates 6 units of Power and uses 6 as well while NaviComp is on (2 otherwise).


An exploding Orlets-1 before launch

Deployment of Orlets-1 in a geocentric Orbit

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