The Orion Crew Capsule is a segment of the Orion spacecraft. It has full maneuvering capability in all directions, and plenty of thruster fuel, which allows it to easily dock even without the service module attached.

Atmospheric entry is relatively easy with this capsule, due to its plentiful fuel supply. It also has space for 5 Cargo. By default, it comes with an Oxygen Tank, Battery, and Carbon Dioxide Scrubber, leaving 2 Cargo spaces empty. This capsule can also be attached to any Medium Stage, or Large Stage with an adapter to medium.


  • NASA said that the Orion Capsule is being designed for longer life support for crew than the previous Apollo Crew Module.
  • It is the only crew capsule in the medium stages (not including the Draco Crew Capsule that is a premium part) only one in the game that's hasn't yet been used in real life.


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